The major goal of the consortia is to provide interactive information services to the Egyptian scholars and students. All the consortia services are electronically available through the EULC portal. Accessing information resources and services through one unified portal would help the Egyptian universities’ libraries to eliminate the overlap and duplication of resources and efforts, which would facilitate optimum methods for effectively and efficiently using the allocated resources

1.Digital Library Consortia

 The main objective of this project is providing access to the international electronic resources including citations, abstracts and full text database; beside E-journals, books, transactions and engineering standards. All these E-resources are searchable through one unified portal and individually through their interfaces.

2.Egyptian University Libraries Automation

The objective of this project is automating the Egyptian universities’ libraries, (EUL) through building a union catalog for their holdings. The union catalog will facilitate achieving more cooperation and resources sharing among all the members of the EULC.

3.Future Library System Development

The ICTC in EL-Mansoura and EL-Zagazig Universities have built and implemented a library automation system. The EULC cooperates with the ICTC to enhance and develop the system using an international list of specifications. The project objective is to standardize the system to cope with the international standards of library automated system and to generalize it in the automation of the EULC.

4.The Electronic Theses and Dissertation Database

The objective of this project is building a national database for the awarded theses and dissertation from the Egyptian universities, besides building a task force for the electronic theses and dissertations metadata standard (ETDMS) which would allow the higher education researchers a full submission of their theses to the system using an international electronic standard format.

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